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Failure in Collaborative Creative Ideation

I am developing a theory of cognition which takes into account the role of accidents in the environment. First, I hope to understand the mental state which most commonly applies to the prepared mind before looking at the types accidents and the environments which trigger creative thinking. Finally, I wish to look at the actions which are necessary to secure the serendipitous moment. This line of investigation will draw on 

Investigating Ignorance and Impasse

In collaboration with the Computational Philosophy Laboratory at the University of Pavia, I am running a series of experiments to understand the nature of the impasse experience. Impasse is the feeling of being stuck and it is experienced in all walks of life

Possibility Thinking

In collaboration with the Webster Centre for Creativity and Innovation, I am running a detailed investigation into the effects of encouraging people to use wide cognition on their creativity. 

Crafting the Possible
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